Troubleshooting Norton Antivirus Issues

Troubleshooting Norton Antivirus Issues – GeeksSupport is tech support company that provide the support for Norton antivirus issues. We provide best and precious support to troubleshoot all types of Norton antivirus issues so that you can get your antivirus worthily according to your wish and safe your PC from virus and malwares.  Mostly people have to face the antivirus installation, configure & update issues. so if you are looking for Norton antivirus installation support or troubleshooting for Norton antivirus then your are on right place. Today we are going you share you troubleshooting steps to solve such issues. Now you can get all solution for antivirus and get relief from these issues by our Norton Antivirus troubleshooting support team. For More information for you can call us at our Norton Antivirus Toll Free Number1-866-324-8966


Norton Antivirus Needs Troubleshooting Support


There are number of error code issues which found in Norton antivirus


  • Some error issues to be creates during installation
  • You faced some issues when you update your system and application.
  • Some errors derived when you install and uninstall the applications

Troubleshoot Tips Install Norton Antivirus


If you want to install the Norton Antivirus in your PC then follow the below Troubleshoot steps


  1. First of all uninstall the any other antivirus program form you PC.
  2. After uninstall the antivirus form PC then download the Norton  free 2015 antivirus setup.
  3. Now run the install file. The install will begin, and the necessary files will be downloaded. You just have to
  4. Select your language and click Next button.
  5. Now you have to( Read & Accept the licence agreement) accept it to continue
  6. After this you have to select the free licences. In this you have to select custom installation option
  7. After this, the file will be downloaded & installed automatically
  8. After compete the installation restart you PC


Troubleshoot Tips to Configure Norton Antivirus


  1. To configure the Norton antivirus Go to advanced settings.
  2. There you will see three option: low detection level, medium detection level, High detection level. Choose the medium level.
  3. After that your see threat categories, in this select all the option & press the next button
  4. In next window you will have to choose the start mode. You just select the normal mode.
  5. Now it’s time to scheduled scan PC. In this you have to set a time to scan pc. Select Run at specific times and set a time when your computer is on.
  6. After configure all option it will start a quick scan of your computer


Troubleshoot Tips to Update Norton Antivirus


After the install & configure the antivirus you have to update the Norton antivirus. If you don’t know how to update Norton antivirus then follow the bellow troubleshooting steps to update Norton antivirus.


To run LiveUpdate from the Symantec System Center Console


  • Right-click the primary server, point to All Tasks, point to Norton AntiVirus, and then click Virus Definition
  • Manager.
  • Click Configure.
  • Click Update Now.
  • LiveUpdate is now running silently in the background on the primary server.


To run LiveUpdate from the Norton AntiVirus interface


  • Open Norton AntiVirus Corporate Edition.
  • Click LiveUpdate.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to download the latest definitions.

Our Services Related to Troubleshooting Norton Antivirus Issues


Our services includes

  • Fixing Norton antivirus issues.
  • Renew Norton antivirus.
  • Troubleshoot Norton antivirus errors.
  • Fixing Norton antivirus malware issues

Why Choose Geeks Support to Troubleshoot Norton Antivirus issues?


Most of the time people of US and Canada facing problems related to several Norton antivirus issues. So Geeks Support has the experienced staff and best technicians who can help you in solving all the issues related to Norton antivirus. The other reasons for choosing our support services to troubleshoot Norton antivirus are

  • Firstly our expert technicians check the version of your Norton antivirus so that they can analyze the actual problem.
  • After that registration date and renewable date is checked by our experts in order to check whether the Norton antivirus is outdate or not.
  • If there is problem related to old version then our team will help you in providing and installing the latest version on your PC, laptop or mac.
  • After that setting of troubleshooting is upgraded by our team so that you cannot face problems further.
  • After implementing all the things if problem persists then our senior experts will provide you the best solution related to troubleshooting Norton antivirus issues.
  • 24/7 availability. You can call us on our toll free number anytime. (866)-324-8966




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